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The ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation products are based on stone wool, which cannot burn and which can stand temperatures up to 1000 degrees C without melting. Thus ROCKWOOL stone wool provides the best guarantee for an effective fire protection on board ships and offshore platforms.

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What is sound? In physical terms, sound is the mechanical vibration of a gaseous, liquid or solid elastic medium. Sound is a form of mechanical energy. It is produced, when particles oscillate around their equilibrium position.

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The requirements of the indoor climate and comfort have become more stringent during the recent years. The insulation constitutes an important factor of this, as it ensures obtaining that the correct temperature is obtained.

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To guarantee a correct process cycle, the condition of the media within the pipes must remain within the set limitations (e.g. temperature, viscosity, pressure, etc.). In addition to the correct isometric construction and fastening of the piping, the piping insulation also has an important function. It must ensure that the heat losses are effectively reduced and that the installation continues to operate economically and functionally on a permanent basis. This is the only way to guarantee the maximum efficiency of the process cycle throughout the design service life without losses as a result of faults.

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To obtain a good comfort, a good noise reduction is required between the individual decks. To prevent noise – particularly impact sound and structure borne noise– from travelling from one cabin to another you must use an insulation solution which has the necessary rigidity, elasticity and noise reduction/absorption.

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There are many reasons for choosing insulation products with facings. It is generally done to obtain a vapour barrier, which prevents formation of condensation on the cold side of a construction.

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