ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation Academy

Lunch & Learn

Our industry recognised that courses are coming online, though lunch is not an option, we would like to offer our e-learning course on demand.

The aim is to conduct the e-learning experience within one single company, bring together your colleagues to have a more individually focussed course on a specific topic or general insulation training. The aim is to conduct the e-learning experience together with all of you - who think globally and act locally. This would be a great opportunity to share some gains and pains for the global companies with a global industrial insulation manufacturer like ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation.

The Lunch & Learn is completely free and open to anyone company in the industry who wants to register, please feel free to share this with your colleagues, if you and your company are interested please register your interest and we will be in touch with you separately to discuss further and make suitable arrangements.

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