ProRox FR-Tech™ helps protect your people, equipment, and bottom line

Hydrocarbon fires in your petrochemical plant, refinery, or other industrial plant pose major threats to your equipment, your people, and your neighbors. These fires, which burn faster and hotter than wood fires, often result in serious injuries, millions of dollars of equipment damage and downtime, air quality impacts to the surrounding communities, and a major drop in plant profitability.


Designed for optimal performance and flexible application

FR-Tech™ products like ProRox PS 680 are available as mandrel-wound stone wool insulation pipe sections and are specially designed to deliver:

  • Decreased downtime: Like all ProRox PS products, FR-Tech™ products can be applied, quickly and easily, with minimal layers and without the need for sealants or offsite cutting—all of which minimizes your plant equipment’s downtime.
  • Maximum design flexibility: FR-Tech™ products provide low-profile solutions compared to conventional solutions, making them easier to install around tight pipe bends or in areas with limited clearance space.
  • Optimized maintenance costs: FR-Tech™ products are removable and can be reused, allowing for easy inspection without the additional expense of replacing the material.
  • Assured protection from multiple processing threats. In addition to providing proven passive fire protection, FR-Tech™ products also incorporate ROCKWOOL’s patented WR-Tech™, an advanced water repellency technology that repels water and has a low chloride content for mitigating the risks of corrosion under insulation (CUI).


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Awarded technology

WR-Tech™, our revolutionary Water Repellency Technology for combatting corrosion under insulation, won NACE’s 2019 Materials Performance Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award.

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