Did you know that with the energy saved from insulating a single industrial valve, you could drive a Tesla more than 20,000 km?1

Saving energy is a key objective for any plant owner, because energy savings are the easiest way to reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Why not secure more energy-efficient industrial systems? After all, the payback for technical insulation is on average, only two years.2




Billion Tons of CO2


times the CO2 emissions of its production

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With a return in two years or less, investing in insulation could save the industry millions of euros.4

As such, insulation has a greater untapped potential than most owners and operators are aware of. Several studies indicate the vast potential of savings in energy, money, and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

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Did you know?

  • There’s a huge potential for reducing costs by improving thermal insulation in the industry
  • EU-wide (27), around 163,000 GWh can be saved
  • This equals the annual energy consumption of more than 10 million European households or the annual energy consumption of 20 million cars
  • The return of investment on industrial insulation is a mere 2 years

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Read the EiiF white paper 2021

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