Corrosion Under Insulation

September 24, 2020

Learn how to mitigate the effects of CUI

Let’s keep you informed on Corrosion Under Insulation

Corrosion Under Insulation is a serious issue in the process industry. To keep you up to speed with the latest evolutions and our answer to this challenge, we recently organized a couple of highly attended webcasts.

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total costs of corrosion (NACE)


of pipe maintenance costs are due to CUI


Of the CUI incidents occurs on pipes (ExxonMobil)

The risk of corrosion under insulation is considered high in the temperature range 50 – 175°C (122 – 347°F) and extreme when in cyclic temperature service between -20 and 320°C (-4 – 608 °F)
SHELL specification: DEP September 2011