Insulation put to the test in the Arctic

Yamal LNG is one of the world's first Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) plants to be built above the Arctic Circle. It utilises the natural gas and liquid hydrocarbon reserves on the Yamal peninsula at Ob Bay, in the Russian Federation.

The plant is being developed in a phased, modular way. It will include three natural gas liquefaction facilities, each one constructed using prefabricated modules containing ROCKWOOL's high-quality technical stone wool insulation. Our insulation was chosen for its thermal capabilities, which can cope with extreme weather conditions, and for its superior acoustic and fire safety properties, which help protect workers from excessive noise and the risk of fire.

The first Yamal LNG facility was successfully commissioned in November 2017 and the first shipment of natural gas left Ob Bay in December.

Ob Bay Russia

Project location

Ob Bay, Russia

Project Data
Year 2017
Building Type Liquid Natural Gas plant
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