Fire safety ahoy

ROCKWOOL products are at the core of this giant cruise ship’s structure, providing fire protection, and acoustic and thermal comfort for everyone on board

It’s like a floating city. Harmony of the Seas, the largest cruise ship ever built, can carry 5,479 guests plus crew and staff, all of whom want to feel safe and comfortable throughout the voyage. Chosen as the insulation supplier for this huge project, we provided insulation for everything from the core structure of the ship to cabin ceilings and walls.

The 1,800 tonnes of ROCKWOOL SeaRox products fitted to Harmony of the Seas makes the ship safer and more comfortable for guests and crew. Protected by noncombustible insulation, guests and crew can feel confident of the ship’s fire safety performance during their time at sea. And because there are so many different activities on board a cruise ship – Harmony of the Seas boasts a theatre and an ice rink, for example – good sound insulation is essential. SeaRox insulation’s acoustic properties help to ensure that everyone can enjoy their holiday the way they want it, without disturbance. Guests and crew will be comfortable, too, as SeaRox helps to keep the ship’s interior at a pleasant temperature regardless of the weather outside.

The insulation’s thermal properties and recyclability also help owner Royal Caribbean to reduce its environmental impact: Harmony of the Seas is 20 percent more energy efficient than comparable vessels.

Saint-Nazaire, France

Project location

Saint-Nazaire, France

Project Data
Year 2012
Building Type Cruise ship
Application Fire safety, thermal and acoustical insulation
Product Type ROCKWOOL SeaRox SL 436, SL 440, SL 470, SL 480 and SL 620
“Our products are used throughout the ship. The fire safe qualities of the insulation make the ship a safer place for crew members and guests, while the acoustic and thermal benefits create a more comfortable and relaxing environment.”

Daniela Ferrari

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation
Sales Manager