ROCKWOOL installation guidance 06 – Application of pipe sections on a T-Piece

Installation Video Guide; Application of pipe sections on a T-Piece, RW-TI, Rockwool

Michał Grzegorczyk, M. Sc.  Electrical Engineering

Expert within maintenance, having worked many years at different maintenance departments.

Michal has worked for ROCKWOOL for more than 10 years. The last five years as Technical Service Manager for ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation in East Europe. He is certified Tipcheck Engineer since 2018 and works on a daily basis with contractors and design offices located at Eastern Europe. He’s moreover an active member of the Polish Association of Industrial Insulation Contractors (PSWIP) and a regular speaker at DVS SLV Duisburg for the FROSIO Insulation Inspector course.

Michał Grzegorczyk, Technical Insulation Expert

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