WR-Tech now available as standard in ProRox Mats, Wired Mats and Pipe Sections.
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ProRox WR-Tech: when durability matters.

Need to protect your plant from water? We lead the field. ProRox stone wool insulation with WR-Tech Water Repellency Technology was the first of its kind and remains the best-in-class solution to keep your plant dry.

  • Maintain insulation performance also in the long run
  • Durable performance over the critical CUI temperature range
  • Best drying ability thanks to fast water dissipation
  • Lowest possible water absorption, even after cyclic heating and prolonged aging
  • Silicone oil-free, in full compliance with the strictest standards
  • Available off the shelf, no double stock needed, no chance of using incorrect material

Our ProRox solutions with WR-Tech are used and requested by major operators in industry.


Did you know that our performance in water absorption of <0.2 kg/m²,
will stay the same, also after a system is heated and aged?
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Awarded technology

WR-Tech™, our revolutionary Water Repellency Technology for combatting corrosion under insulation, won NACE’s 2019 Materials Performance Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award.

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