Insulation with SeaRox Wired Mats

SeaRox Wired Mat is a lightly bonded stone wool mat faced with a galvanised wire mesh. The SeaRox Wired Mats can be used up to max. service temperatures of 680 ºC acc. to EN 14706. Facing 80 ºC.

Due to their flexibility and high temperature resistance, SeaRox Wired Mats can easily be cut and fixed onto the piping.
SeaRox Wired Mats have a relatively low resistance to pressure and from a practical point of view should only be installed in combination with spacers. Due to the thermal bridges of this combination the better insulation performances are often achieved in the lower and middle temperature range with SeaRox Pipe Sections rather than with SeaRox Wired Mats.

These wired mats are ideal for application in situations where the use of Pipe Sections is difficult or impossible:

  • Temperatures above 300 °C
  • Pipe diameters ≥ 350 mm
  • Piping with a high number of shaped pieces such as elbows or T-joints.
  • Any gaps created by the type of support ring installed, must be filled with loose ROCKWOOL.
  • The SeaRox Wired Mats are secured to the pipe by stitching the edges of the wired mesh together with binding wire or by clipping the mesh together with C-Hooks.
  • On pipes with a diameter greater than 350 mm, steel straps or addition pins and spring washers are applied on the underside of the pipe, it may be necessary to prevent sagging.
  • On vertical pipes, the wire mesh of each mat must be tied to the support ring above.
Multiple Layers
  • Where there is a requirement for more than one layer of SeaRox Wired Mat, it is recommended that all layers are stitched or clipped to ensure a consistently tight fit of the insulation.
  • The outer layer(s) of mat should be applied with longitudinally staggered joints and where applicable, with staggered joints laterally.