Insulation with Pipe Section

Generally, the best insulation is achieved by using ROCKWOOL Pipe Section. The Pipe Sections can be used up to max. service temperature of 620 ºC acc. to EN14707. Facing max. 80 ºC. The Pipe Sections are supplied ready split and hinged for quick and easy snap-on assembly and are suitable for thermal and acoustical insulation of pipe work.

Their excellent fit and high compression resistance mean that Pipe Sections can be applied in a single layer without any additional spacers. Consequently the number of thermal bridges, which have a negative influence on the insulation, is greatly reduced.

  • ROCKWOOL recommends that the Pipe Section is secured to the pipe by applying three steel bands per section length, with the end bands approximately 100 mm from the lateral joints.
  • If wire ties or spiral binding are to be used, they should only be considered on pipe sections with an outer surface diameter of 200 mm or less.

In those cases, there should be:

  • At least three wires tie per section.
  • Spiral binding must be per section (i.e. tied off at each end of each pipe section).
Multiple Layers
  • Where there is a requirement for more than one layer of Pipe Section, it is recommended that both layers should be banded to ensure a consistently tight fit of the insulation.
  • The outer layer(s) of the section should be applied with staggered joints, both laterally and longitudinally.
  • To form insulated elbows with Pipe Section, the section is cut at angles to form segments.
  • The amount of segments depends on the size of the pipe and the angle of the elbow.
  • When the pipe section segments are fit around the pipe, they are secured with steel banding or wire ties per section.
  • Any minor graps between segments can be filled with any pieces of ROCKWOOL insulation.