Solutions for comfort insulation

  1. Comfort insulation can be used alone where there is no other demand for the deck and bulkhead.
  2. Comfort insulation can also be used together with fire insulation or sound insulation.

When the minimum insulation thickness has been found for protecting against sound or fire, the thermal transmission (U-value) of this material can be calculated from the λ-value. If a higher insulation level is requested the construction can be improved by adding an extra layer of a lower density product.
In all cases of insulation towards cold temperatures the wool must always be covered by a vapour tight surface. This surface can be aluminium foil or another kind of vapour barrier. The gaps should be tightly sealed with alu tape.
When adding additional insulation to a fire construction it should be documented and approved by the local surveyor.

Floor connection

When making a surface towards the exterior it is necessary to end the insulation 50 mm above the floor. This to make sure that condensate from the bulkhead can be drained away.

Lambda value (λ) measurements on ROCKWOOL products
Product λ [W/mK] Old name λ10
SeaRox SL 720 Marine Batts 32 0.036
SeaRox SL 740 Marine Batts 45 0.034
SeaRox SL 320 Marine Slab 60 0.034
SeaRox SL 340 Marine Slab 80 0.034
SeaRox SL 480 Marine Slab 200 0.037
SeaRox SL 620 Marine Firebatts 100  0.035
SeaRox SL 970 Marine Firebatts 110 0.035
SeaRox SL 640 Marine Firebatts 130 0.035
SeaRox WM 950 Marine Wired Mat 80 0.033
SeaRox WM 620 Marine Wired Mat 90 0.034
SeaRox WM 640 Marine Wired Mat 105 0.034
SeaRox SL 660 HC Firebatts 150 0.035
ProRox PS 960 Pipe Section 850/864 0.035

All ROCKWOOL SeaRox products fulfil the IMO rules of 'non combustibility' and 'low flame spread'. Besides this the products have excellent water repellent properties which are also important as thermal insulation is often placed directly up against the outer construction with changing temperatures.