Why stone wool

Stone and civilisation were made for each other. ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation makes the most of this relationship to improve our health, well being and comfort.

The 7 strengths of stone

We have been able to break down the natural power of stone into 7 strengths that are inherent in the versatile properties of stone wool. These are seven reasons why we believe the world’s most abundant resource can be engineered to create uniquely useful and exciting solutions for our customers.

And by applying these 7 strengths to everything we do, we passionately believe that we can address some of the biggest challenges facing our world, and your process, marine or offshore business. We’re sure that there are even more strengths of stone to be discovered, and when we discover them, we’ll turn those strengths into new products that improve the quality of life of everyone who comes into contact with them. That’s why these 7 strengths lie at the heart of all of our products.

At ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation, we use the natural power of stone, one of nature’s most abundant resources, to develop insulation solutions for industries on land and at sea. With one goal in mind: make our customers operations safe for people, better for the environment and best for their business.

Frank Larsen

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation
Managing Director