Introducing ProRox MA 961 Mat (Wrap) with WR-Tech™ Water Repellent Technology for Combatting CUI

Award-winning WR-Tech™ technology to combat CUI finds its way into newest generation of ProRox mats (wraps).

Award-winning WR-Tech in our ProRox mandrel wound pipe sections and now also in our mat (wrap) products ensures effective CUI protection to the entire pipeline.

Water ingress to plant equipment is unavoidable, and with it comes the increased risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI). CUI is a major challenge in the industry that leads to:

  • Pipe leakages or ruptures
  • Process stoppages
  • Plant shutdowns
  • Negative impacts to your plant’s HSE metrics
  • Increased risk to your company’s reputation.

CUI is also expensive, accounting for an estimated 10% of a plant’s overall maintenance costs and 40-60% of pipeline maintenance costs.


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wr-tech, industrial, prorox, prorox ma 520 alu, product, patent pending, new

ProRox MA 961 mat (wrap)