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We all speak the same language

“Every day is different and that’s what attracted me to this job the most – along with the people aspect. As a sales manager for South Europe, I have teams in different countries. They’re not all sitting next door to me and they all have different nationalities (and yet we all speak the same language: we’re all passionate about the organization and business we’re in!). I am often out in the field with them, so people skills are really important. I need to give them the right degree of trust and empowerment, and make sure they are always highly motivated to deliver the right solutions. These are key elements in building a successful sales team. And I love putting all my energy into it!”

“At the same time, I am an intermediary between the market and our company. I travel a lot, keep my ear to the ground on the market, and translate what I hear into the most appropriate strategies to make our customers’ business and our own business a shared success. Even in the office I’m in constant contact with colleagues and clients around the world... I call this travelling with the mind. Every day, the global approach of our organization, together with the cross-border responsibility, convinces me that this is definitely the right job for me.”

Different aspects

“Not having a real working routine also helps me find new motivations and challenges within our company. What I mean is that, in my job, I often need to go beyond pure sales activities. There’s a lot of interaction with other departments, like Supply Chain, HR, Finance and Marketing. This makes it even more diversified and interesting. I constantly learn new things and have opportunities to explore different aspects of our organization.”


Daniela’s role
Daniela Ferrari is Sales Manager for South Europe. She works at ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation since 2012. As a foreign language and literature graduate, she is committed to using her multilingual talents and people skills to spread the message of our company worldwide.

There’s a lot of interaction with other departments within our organization.

Daniela Ferrari

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation
Sales Manager for South Europe

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