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Digitalization creates added value for our customers

“In my role as Area Marketing Manager, I'm involved in various overarching global marketing projects with a strong focus on digitalization, as well as the local marketing plans for our European and Export regions. That’s quite a challenging job. Our marketing deparment is taking advantage of advanced marketing technologies and systems to achieve a full digital transition. It's our goal to capitalize on the technical features of these systems to create added value for our customers, resulting in an improved customer experience.”

“There is no typical workday for me. I focus on different kinds of projects, from digital marketing activities and new product introductions to regional marketing activities, as well as projects to increase brand preference or awareness in local markets. I therefore work with multiple stakeholders, including our sales teams, product managers, communication specialists and peers from other business units and ROCKWOOL headquarters. ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation operates in a global industry, so we have colleagues all over the world. Travelling is part of the job. It's that dynamic work environment that gives me a lot of energy.”

Why I joined ROCKWOOL

“ROCKWOOL is strongly focused on being a trusted, sustainable partner for its customers. Our solutions contribute to creating a better environment, for people and for the planet. Being part of that is very satisfying. I find it extremely important to work for a company that has this strong focus on contributing to a better world for generations to come. Plus, ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation is an international group with exceptionally skilled, passionate people. We are a very diverse group of colleagues from all over the world, with different backgrounds and histories in relation to the company. In the Business Development & Marketing team we have a good combination of experienced specialists who have full insight into the industry and new people who have just joined the company. It makes working here very inspiring.”


Anne’s role
Anne de Rouw is Area Marketing Manager in our Business Development & Marketing department in Roermond, Netherlands. She is responsible for Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Anne has a master’s degree in marketing management. After two years at ROCKWOOL Group, she joined ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation in 2017.

What connects us is our curiosity and willingness to challenge ourselves in order to steer our stakeholders towards a safe, sustainable, profitable future.

Anne de Rouw

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation
Area Marketing Manager

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