NEW l ProRox Process Manual - Download for free now!

New Technical Guidelines for the insulation of industrial installations

In this new updated ROCKWOOL ProRox Process Manual of more than 200 pages you can find all what there is to know about the optimum stone wool insulation of your technical equipment and ensure sustainable operations.

This 200 pages expert tool with many technical drawings and tables will reveal our knowledge on insulation and help you to pursuit operational excellence.

Whether you are looking for straightforward piping insulation or more complex applications like vessels, columns, tanks, boilers or flue gas ducts, our solutions will make your operations safe for people, better for the environment and best for your business.

Download de new edition of our ProRox Process Manual and get:

  • Advanced insulation techniques for chemical plants, petrochemical installations and power stations.
  • All insights about global/local standards and regulations
  • Installation guidelines for a vast number of insulation applications
  • Complete range of ProRox products and insulation systems