Press release: ROCKWOOL Introduces ProRox Mat (Wrap) Insulation for Plant Equipment

1 January 1

New insulation offering incorporating the award-winning WR-Tech™ Water Repellency Technology ensures effective CUI protection for the entire plant.

Houston, Texas: ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation recently introduced its next-generation ProRox® Mat (Wrap) MA 961 insulation for large diameter pipework, vessels, columns and other plant applications requiring design flexibility. ProRox Mat (Wrap) incorporates ROCKWOOL’s proven WR-Tech (Water Repellency Technology) to provide proven protection against corrosion under insulation (CUI) by keeping steel pipes, vessels and columns as dry as possible.

CUI is a pervasive problem in many insulated plant processes, attributed to the ingress and migration of water through the insulation to the metal surfaces of piping, vessels and other plant equipment. If left unchecked, CUI leads to leakages or ruptures, process stoppages or even a shutdown of the entire plant.

A CUI event can negatively impact the plant’s health, safety and environmental (HSE) metrics and damage the company’s reputation. CUI is also an expensive problem, accounting for an estimated 10% of a plant’s overall maintenance costs and 40% - 60% of its pipeline maintenance costs.


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ProRox MA 961 mat (wrap)