Thomas Valerius, employee, person

Dialogue is the key to success

“What made me decide to come and work for ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation? Simple: the global setup, the challenge to be part of a growing company and to work on improving the profitability of ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation as a business unit. As Finance Director I work closely with our sales teams and other ROCKWOOL units. Dialogue is the key to success, but also a big challenge because we are a truly global company, with people working at many different locations. The Finance team alone is split over three countries, so good communication is important. Fortunately, two of those locations (Denmark and the Netherlands) are central hubs. So it’s easier to work closely with colleagues from other departments.”

The biggest motivation

“It is very rewarding when we manage to complete our tasks and projects at Finance and in the management team succesfully. For example, we have been able to significantly improve the profitability of our European business this past year through a clear focus and collaboration across many functions and departments at ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation. Seeing your team efforts pay off motivates you.”


Thomas’s role
Thomas Valerius has been Head of Finance and member of the management team at ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation since 2017. Based at our head office in Hedehusene, Denmark, Thomas has a master’s degree in economics and business administration.

Seeing team efforts pay off, is very rewarding.

Thomas Valerius

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation
Finance Director

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