Jakob Alkhamrichi, employee, person

Experience and fresh ideas

“Even before I started working here, I knew ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation was a company that gives you a lot of opportunities. And I was right. It’s hard to describe a given day in the customer service department. It all depends on the requests we get from our customers, agents and sales colleagues. I am mainly responsible for marine and offshore insulation. I ship products to almost every location in the world. The big challenge for me and my colleagues is to deliver the best possible service, regardless of the customer’s location or cultural background. Our diverse team of expierenced people and younger colleagues who bring fresh energy and ideas always manages to do just that.”

All about service

“We prepare quotations and orders, while also giving advice to customers about the technical aspects and possibilities of the products. We not only enter orders in our systems, we also plan the whole process from order to delivery. And we prepare all the documents our customers need, including certificates, shipping documents, (country-specific) customs documents, invoices and packing lists. It’s all about service.”

“The biggest motivation I get from working at ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation is the international approach. You are in touch with various intercompany departments and a lot of customers worldwide, of course. This makes every day a new experience.”


Jakob’s role
Jakob Alkhamrichi has a degree in trade commerce and joined our customer service department in the Netherlands, Roermond in 2013. He is responsible for marine and offshore insulation worldwide.


Every day you learn new things. That makes working at ROCKWOOL unique.

Jakob Alkhamrichi

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation
Customer Service Export

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